The BlackRock Center for the Arts Presents the One House Project Group Exhibition

By East City Art Editorial Team on November 7, 2018

Sun, November 11 2018 — Sat, December 15 2018

Courtesy of Ellyn Weiss.
Opening Reception: Sunday, November 11 from 2pm to 4pm

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The One House Project started with an idea in 2016: the need to make artwork that asserts the best values of our country, inclusion, tolerance and unity, and stands against all constructs used to create division by race, religion, class, sexual preference, gender or any of the other ways of creating “us against them.”

Under the banner of the ArtWatch Collective, 220 artists came together to create the first One House in November, 2017 at the Touchstone Gallery in DC. Now they have over 300 artists joining for an expanded One House at the BlackRock Center for the Arts in Germantown, MD.

Each of the artists made a panel dedicated to their ancestors’ journey to this country. They come from over 50 countries of origin, from Native Americans, those whose ancestors came on the Mayflower, those who came in chains against their will or in the great waves of European and Asian migration. Each panel was joined to the house.

The result is a powerful visual statement of the strength that diversity brings to this country. Come celebrate this strength with us.

The BlackRock Center for the Arts is located at 2901 Town Commons Dr, Germantown, MD.