Weekend East City Event Round Up: March Super Saturday Edition


weekend round up art galleries openings in washington dc
Janet Biggs. A Step on the Sun (still). 2012: 5-channel video + single channel video. Photo Courtesy Conner Contemporary Art.


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Saturday March 12


Conner Contemporary Art (5pm to 8pm)

The gallery presents two concurrent solo exhibitions by Janet Biggs and Wilmer Wilson IV.  In Bigg’s second exhibition with the gallery, A Step on the Sun, Bigg’s multi-channel video installation shows miners extracting hardened sulfur at Indonesia’s Ijen volcano; the video references natural beauty as a backdrop for human exploitation.  Wilson’s Domestic Exchange explores racial identity via a performance piece centered on the use of paper grocery bags- an item once used as a measure of one’s skin color.  For additional details, click here


Conner Contemporary Art is located at 1358 Florida Avenue NE



G Fine Art (6:30pm to 8:30pm)

Right next door to Conner, G Fine Art Presents Luis Silva’s The Fox’s Tail. Silva asks why a fraternal order cannot exist in the animal world as it does with humankind.  What if it were possible for animals to have an outcome different from the “eat or be eaten” law of nature.  For additional details, click here.


G Fine Art is located at 1350 Florida Avenue NE



INDUSTRY Gallery (6pm to 8pm)

INDUSTRY Gallery presents the first US solo exhibition of Philip Michael Wolfson.  Wolfson’s will exhibit a new series of Tsukumogamis, a type of Japanese “artifact spirit”–living inanimate objects. Tsukumogamis originate from discarded items that have reached their 100th birthday and thus become alive and aware.  For additional details, click here.


Industry Gallery is located at 1358 Florida Avenue NE


Wohlfarth Galleries (4pm to 6pm)

The Brookland Gallery will show the new paintings by Flynn Geissel.  Geissel’s work captures nature as seen by mankind.  Thematically, Geissel’s landscapes transcend darkness and manifest themselves as light filled subjects.  For additional Details, click here.


Wolfarth Galleries is located at 3418 9th Street, NE